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Love At First Sight
    Lots believe in love at first sight you see,
  others aren’t too keen of the thought.
 I try to think with logic and rationality
because most don’t realize their future fatality.
But if I had to turn off my mind and whatnot
I would try to not get stuck in this ring
 But how would I know if I’d get what I want
  And is it a sin to think
    That I could possibly hit the jackpot?
:iconkaylajules:KaylaJules 3 0
We don't like to admit it, but we choose favorites all the time:
Favorite foods, favorite colors, favorite pets, favorite genre of music, favorite things to do, favorite side of the bed, favorite time of day, and - the thing we deny the most - favorite people.
Favorite. The word stings a bit, doesn't it? It's a strong word, and one we don't use often. Not because we don't have favorites, but simply because we don't want to. We don't want to prefer one thing over another. It's selfish, isn't it? Saying that you love someone more over another. You think that if you don't say that you have a favorite, you won't. That's like saying that if you keep your eyes closed, no one can see you.
There's always that one person you will prefer over all others. Maybe you argue that it's just because you know them better, or you're closer with them, that it isn't favoring. Many don't know this, but titling somebody "best friend" or spending more time with somebody is favoring them.
You'll always tell a
:iconkaylajules:KaylaJules 2 2
Don't Look
There's something undeniably calming about the dark.
Because in the dark, you can't see anything. You are completely oblivious as to what's going on around you. You don't see what's staring at you from the corner of the room. Shadows don't exist. It's just you in a dark room. Nothing's filling your ears except yourself thinking. Nothing's filling your eyes except the pitch blackness. There are monsters everywhere, but the darkness is hiding them, protecting you.
But the horrifying thing about those "monsters" is that, when they realize you can't see them, they appear to you in different ways. They whisper awful things to you, they turn your dreams into nightmares. You see them in almost every person you talk to.
You question everybody's intentions with you. Are there with me because they love me, or to get something out of me? Do they want friendship, or to be popular? Do they want money? I may sound silly, but these are the little thoughts that race through our minds every day. Nowada
:iconkaylajules:KaylaJules 2 6
Make Your Own Mistakes
I hate it when people say "don't make the same mistake that I made when I was your age" and then get mad at them when they don't listen.
If you're on the those people, you need to figure out that when you make your own mistakes, you learn from them - and you can't protect somebody forever.
If the person you're trying desperately to keep away from heartache faces the cold hard truth all at once, it'll hit them harder than it would have if you had just let them make their own mistakes.
Be there to warn them of the path of hurt they're going down, but also to hug them when they go anyways.
:iconkaylajules:KaylaJules 0 10
What is Love?
What is love?
There are many definitions of what love is, but most of them come back to the same basic point. That love is unconditional. And although I agree to this to an extent, I also believe that NOTHING is unconditional.
While we don't admit it, our love for anybody is limited. Whether it be in a relationship, a friendship, or in a family. Who and what we love is based solely on what he/she/it does and acts toward us:
We leave a relationship if we're taken advantage of. We favor our friends, giving one or two the title "best friend." Hell, we even rate the attraction of complete strangers that we pass in the mall.
If you fell in love with somebody because of their beautiful personality. Let's say in this analogy, that they are kind and good to you. They want the very best for you and love you "unconditionally." And the next day, they become somebody you can't even recognize. They lash out, and it won't stop. They act as if they hate you. All they want to do is use and abuse you.
:iconkaylajules:KaylaJules 3 3
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Lol. Don't listen to the title--
    So I just needed to address something, but I wasn't really sure how to. I don't wanna start any anger with either of you. So I'm gonna just start it off with: you two gots to chill. I know you guys went from seeing each other every day to not at all, but I can't help but overhear your drama.

    Cecil, you're freakishly upset because you don't see him, and you're overthinking to the ABSOLUTE MAX. "Is this punishment?" you said. Erm, no girl, it's life. Stuff happens and sometimes you can't see each other.

    Jordananan, you...sigh. Listen. I don't want to assume anything here, but I have a feeling you're over exaggerating at least a little bit. When you said you had two mental breakdowns - I'm not gonna lie - I kind of rolled my eyes. If you're actually having legit problems, I apologize. But I rolled my eyes because of past shit my sister said when she and my dad got into a petty fight about nothing. "I had a complete mental and emotional breakdown and I cried for 48 hours," she said. But if you're exaggerating, stop. If you aren't exaggerating, why? Why are you so upset about not seeing her for only a week and some days?

    I knew you two would be upset, but you gotta chill. This isn't the end of the world. You're gonna see each other eventually. Crying and being overly dramatic about it isn't going to make your lives or mine any less depressing. I didn't wanna play the "I have it worse" card, but I need to draw something. Without going into too much detail(since I haven't fully explained this to Jordan and I don't wanna confuse the crap outta him), I haven't seen my love in person since February 18, 2016. Over a year ago. After certain circumstances, and after a year of not speaking to him AT ALL, I finally found out that he is willing to wait for me. And I'm perfectly content with just that, without talking to him directly for the next few years. 

    I'm no expert on love, but what I've learned is that to make it last, you need to find a mutual trust. Which means that you need to know that you guys are going to be alright, even if you don't see each other for a while. And Cecil, I know you don't want him upset. Jordan, I know you don't want her upset. So do each other a favor and be happy! Easier said than done, I know. But, please, be content with just the fact that you love each other. Don't let a few weeks of not seeing each other make you wanna die.

    Instead of you two pouting or crying about not seeing each other, think of what you're gonna do when you do see each other. I spent a year pouting, and this new way of thinking has kept me happier. Try it! I'll go first:

    When I see my boyfriend in just a little over two years, I'm going to run to him, tears in my eyes, and jump into his arms. We'll hold each other, as if to never let go again. Just as we had parted years prior, I'll kiss him, this time as a promise to never go a single day without kissing him ever again. Because I know, even though we had spent a year in question and at a loss of hope, even though we had to wait so long just to be accepted by people that don't even matter in our eyes, even though I was the only one who knew his true intentions when everyone else thought he was evil, despite the age, despite the distance, despite everyone's judging eyes, I KNOW - he is and will always be the one who stole my heart.

    Your turn.

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